SIDI International Conference 2019






Distribution of Phytoplankton in Pangkep Waters, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

H Thoha, M D Bayu, A Rachman, A K Nasution, and T Siswantining

A1 - A19


Integrated Tourism Transportation Software Design: Case Study of Lombok Island

I T Yunianto, S Nugroho and M B Ilham

A20 - A38


Hydro-Oceanographic Mapping to Support Coastal Eco-Tourism Activities in Bawean Island, East Java

H D Armono , Sujantoko, Z Hidayah, and N I Nuzula

A39 - A52







Design and Analysis of Trimaran Feeder Ships as a Connector for Small Islands in the Maluku

R B Luhulima, Fella G, Sutiyo, and IKAP Utama

B1 - B8


Operational Limitation of Indonesian Traditional Wooden Boat in the Framework of the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria

D Paroka, A H Muhammad, S Rahman and M A Azis

B9 - B17


Sleeper Seat Design for Inter-Island Speed Vessel With Integrated Digital Design Method

A Windharto and N S Y Mustafa

B18 - B21


Analysis of the Effect of Hull Vane on Ship Resistance Using CFD Methods

Kiryanto, U Budiarto, and A Firdhaus

B22 - B29


The Characteristic, Performance, Accessibility, and Prediction of Loading and Unloading of Goods in Probolinggo New Terminal Port

Priyambodo and S H Sutanto


B30 - B49


Packaging Development Study for Archipelagic Sea Transportation

I T Yunianto, S Nugroho and S J A Rahadi

B50 - B62


Conceptual Design of Search and Rescue (SAR) Centre for Western Regions of Indonesia

H I  Nur, F Hadi, and N K P Maharani

B63 - B68


Air Transportation and Its Role for Islands Connectivity in Supporting Regional Development

E Ahyudanari

B69 - B75


Economic Study on the Construction of a 50 MW Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Facility in Banten Province, Indonesia

S Rahmawati, A I Muna and W Wardhana

B76 - B83


Simulation of LNG Distribution for Powerplant in Maluku and Papua Region

C D Pratiwi, A A B D D Putranta and K B Artana

B84 - B91


Fire Risk Assesment on Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU)

D H Baskoro, K B Artana, and A A B D D Putranta

B92 - B98


The Investigation of Life Cycle Costs of Mobile Harbour Crane: A Case Study of Berth Crane in Berlian Terminal Tanjung Perak Surabaya

 E J Simatupang, R O S Gurning and D W Handani

B99 - B107


Connectivity Model of Archipelagic Areas: Case Study of Kepulauan Riau

T Achmadi, H I Nur, and F N Banjarnahor

B108 - B115


Study on Integration of Ships E-Ticketing Services for Passengers in E-Commerce

M A Luhur P, S Nugroho, and R E Kurt

B116 - B124


Telematic Ttransportation Architecture on Electronic Payment System at People's Shipping

F Tetuko P, S Nugroho, and T Tezdogan


B125 - B132


Adapative Controller for unmanned Surface Vehicle Type Monohull LSS01 Autopilot System and Guidance Design

Anang M, Rusdhianto E A K, Nurlita G, A Santoso, Y Bilfaqih, M Sahal, and Z Hidayat

B133 - B148


Dynamic Modelling and Controlling Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Fachruddin A S, Rusdhianto E A K, Nurlita G, Ari S, Yusuf B and Zulkifli H

B149 - B159


Design of Autopilot Control System on Unmanned Surface Vehicle Type Monohull LSS-01 Using Model Reference Adaptive Control Statefeedback in Waypoint Control

F Rahmasari, Rusdhianto E A K, Nurlita G, A Santoso, Y Bilfaqih, and T Agustinah

B160 - B173


Autopilot System Design on Monohull USV- LSS01 Using PID Based Sliding Mode Control Method

M F A Alim, Rusdhianto E A K, Nurlita G, A Santoso, Y Bilfaqih, and M Sahal

B174 - B186


Risk Analysis of Scrubber Vessel Using Risk-Based Inspection Method in Geothermal Power Plant

N Siswantoro, D Priyanta, M B Zaman, Semin and P S Andaka

B187 - B201


Unbalanced Load Analysis on Closed Bus Electrical System of Ship's Dynamic Positioning on a Laboratory Scale

S Sarwito, Semin, M B Zaman, Soedibyo and R A Makarim

B202 - B213


Design of Lighter Aboard Ship (Lash) for Distribution of Goods in Small Islands: Case Study in Kangean Islands

R Awwalin R, S Nugroho, and W Busse

B214 - B222


Design Model of Linier Generator on Marine Current Power Plant Based on Pneumatic System

I R Kusuma, Semin , M B Zaman,  A Zubaidi, and T D Cahyono

B223 - B234


The Effect of Use of Biodiesel B30 from Palm Oil to Degradation of Oil Lubrication in 1-Cylinder Diesel Engine 4 Stroke

A Iswantoro, B Cahyono, M B Zaman, and Semin

B235 - B238







Representation of the Greatness of Kambang Putih Seaport in the Past on Ganggeng Motif

F Ciptandi

C1 - C6


Portable Grashof Incubator Completely Knock Down (CKD) Type New Design of Infant Incubators for Remote Areas to Reduces the Infant Mortality Rate

R A Koestoer and I Roihan

C7 - C14


Risk Analysis of Milkfish Supply Chains in Semarang using House of Risk Approach to Increase the Supply Chain Resilience

R R P Purwaningsih and F Hermawan

C15 - C21


Injectable Composites Aglinate/PVA/Chitosan as Scaffold Material for Nucleus Pulposus Regeneration

H V Suryandaru, A I Aziz, N Hanifah, and A Rasyida

C22 - C29


The Development Strategy for Sustainable Livestock Sector in Small-Islands Region: a Preliminary Study on Native Cattle Traditional Farming in Buru Island, Maluku Indonesia

S Kuswaryan, A R Daud, C Firmansyah, and S Tejaningsih

C30 - C40


Analysis of Angle Comparison for the "Kuwung" Pattern Module Development based Additive Manufacturing Method using 3D Filament from Recycled Plastic Waste Material

D B Prihandana and D Kuswanto

C41 - C51


Temporal Dynamic of the Plankton Community Structure in Madura Strait: Algae Bloom Study Case

D Saptarini, F K Muzaki, and A S Ibadah

C52 - C56


Biogas Production from Co-Digestion of Water Hyacinth, Fruit and Vegetable Wastes using an Aerobic Digester

Soeprijanto, D H Prajitno, B Setiawan, W Maghfiro, and R Rohmawati

C57 - C62


Processed Nutrition Analysis of Milkfish in Kelurahan Keputih East Surabaya

A Rosyidah, E P Setyaningsih, I K Murwani, R Ediati, and T Q Romadiansyah

C63 - C67


Processed Nutrition Contents based on Raw Seaweed: Economic Improvement Efforts in Dolly Localizations

A Rosyidah, E P Setyaningsih, R Ediati, and R Y Kurniawan

C68 - C72


Impact of Ricification on Local Food System in Tanimbar Island, Maluku Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

N Nurfitriani and R Hindersah

C73 - C86


Optimization on Spatial Arrangement in Moringa-Food Crop Alley Cropping to Optimize Farming Income on Small Potteran Island Sumenep Regency

Kustiyani, Isdiantoni, I Ekawati, M Faisal, H D Wati, E N Prasetyo, and C Stollberg

C87 - C91


Policy and Pricing of Seaweed Seeds (Case Study in the Seaweed Nursery Unit of the "Bahari Mandiri" Fishing Group)

Isdiantoni, P Ratna W, A W, E N Prasetyo, and C Stollberg

C92 - C99







E-Commerce Logistics System for Indonesia's Cinnamon Exports

H I Nur, S Nugroho, F Blessing, and F Devira

D1 - D7


The Logistics System Planning for Red Onion: Case Study of Sulawesi Island and Maluku Island

A Mustakim, S Buana, and H Widayanti

D8 - D16


Community Empowerment of Plabuan Village Jombang to Create Independent and Sustainable Kelor Village

W Muslihatin, K I Purwani, D Ermavitalini, E N Prasetyo, S Nurhatika, T Nurhidayati, N Jadid, A Febrianti, N S Yunas, A Raikhani, and L R Sari

D17 - D22







Households Electricity Consumption Patterns in Kepulauan Seribu Regency, DKI Jakarta (Case Study: Small Island)

W Nispu P, T Nurlambang, and M H D Susilowati

E1 - E8


Climate Change, Small Island and Resilience: Case Study of Pangkajene Islands

I Hidayati and H Setiadi

E9 - E15


The Effect of Different Water Volume to Growth and Survival Rate of Anguila b. bicolor

N Taufiq-Spj, J Hutabarat, A Trianto, R Ario, I Pratikto, Suryono, S Nabila, and A Santoso

E16 - E24


Design and Future Applicaion of Mobile Fish Platform for Local Fishermen in the Archipelago Regions

W R Hetharia, F Gaspersz, and E R de Fretes

E25 - E32


Survival Rate Ability of Unfed Eel Anguilla b. bicolor in Different Sizes and Sources of Eel Caught

N Taufiq-Spj, J Hutabarat, A Trianto, D N Sugianto, G W Santoso, and A Indarjo

E33 - E36


Differences in Electricity Consumption Based on Electricity User Sectors in Pramuka Island, Panggang Island and Tidung Island, Thousand Islands Regency, DKI Jakarta

R Rizaldy, T Nurlambang, M H D Susilowati, and H Anggrahita

E37 - E52


Potential Areas for the Development of Renewable Energy System for Household Sectors in Kepulauan Seribu: A Case Study in Pari Island, Tidung Island, and Pramuka Island

V Khoirunnisa, T Nurlambang, and M H. Susilowati

E53 - E62


Society Willingness to Pay towards Application of Renewable Energy for Household Electricity Needs in Kepulauan Seribu Regency

A Anastasya, H Setadi, H Anggrahita, and N Rizqihandari

E63 - E70


Potential Areas of Renewable Energy System for the Needs of Tourism Sectors in Kepulauan Seribu: the Case Study in Putri Island and Ayer Island

N Kamilaha, T Nurlambang, and M H Susilowati

E71 - E80


Sturdy and Modular Concept of 2 in 1 Public Furniture Design by Recycling Massive Plastic Waste

B S Priandika, D Kuswanto, and E Zulaikha

E81 - E90


Identification of Underground River with Microtremor Method in Dersono Karst Area, Pacitan

A S Bahri, M I S Abdullah, M S Purwanto, A Widodo, A Hilyah, M H M Fajar, S A Aliyan, P V Hardyani, Sunardi, E W Alita, M Rahmat, and I Nurfitriani

E91 - E101


Utilization of Moringa Oleifera Seed Waste as Substrate in Lipase Production under Different Pretreatments

A R Irfansyah, M P Koentjoro, Isdiantoni, I Ekawati, and E N Prasetyo

E102 - E111


Analysing the Implementation of Global Sulphur Cap 2020 on Indonesian Tanker Shipping

S Nugroho, F Blessing, S D Lazuardi, and E E N Faida

E112 - E129


Effect of Indole 3-Acetic Acid (IAA) and 6-Benzyl Amino Purine (BAP) on Nannochloropsis sp. Biomass

D Ermavitalini, A E Rahayu, H B Kurniawan, and E N Prasetyo

E130 - E139


Black Soldier Fly Biowaste Treatment and Its Recycle Waste to Produce Chitosan

S Pintowantoro, Y Setiyorini, A M Aljauhari, F Abdul, and H Nurdiansah

E140 - E144


Development of Model on the Flood Prediction and Early Warning System for Way Ruhu – Ambon

M Marasabessy, M S Pallu, R T Lopa, and M Thaha

E145 - E152